April 13, 2013


The Russian Media Studies Program is of commercial stance. But there're various options of bursary funding for studies both at your home countries and here in Russia. Thus, you may apply for state funding at the SPbSU: We do have foreign students at the School who passed this competition, and their experience should encourage you to go the same way.

The final pricing is announced by the University here: not later than June 1, 2013. But we hope to have the figure earlier, hopefully before May 15, 2013, and definitely before the first admissions exam session.

Today, we can tell that the price will not be over 5,000 euro (6,500 USD) per annum (for two semesters). This price is really competitive in comparison with most MA programs in the world, not speaking of the universities included into international rankings of top universities (to which SPbSU belongs). We understand well that for non-Russian residents it is flying long-distance and a need of support their accomodation and living in St.Petersburg that brings in additional expenses, and we've tried to make the price as low as possible.

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