April 15, 2013


Luckily, in Russia you needn't have any previous journalistic, PR, or adversiting education to be able to enter the MA-level program of these profiles. What you need to have is a Bachelor-level or 'specialist' diploma of any profile. Thus, any holder of a Bachelor degree or higher may be enrolled!

Many of you may have heard of the issue of non-acceptance of 3-year Bachelor degrees in Russia. We need to admit that this may happen, but on really very rare occasions. It would be better if you consulted the special agencies in advance. First of all, here's the list of foreign universities whose diplomas are accepted without the acceptance procedure: (for admissions in 2013, in Russian only).

Other diplomas need 'nostrification', or a special procedure of acceptance, when your diploma is sent to a centralized agency and comes back accepted (very probably). This is quite a long procedure as we in Russia do have many foreign students, but you need to have your diploma accepted by the first exam session only, that is, by December. So please consult the SPbSU website for further information:

In a couple of weeks, we will know whether the University will be given a right to accept foreign diplomas itself (fingers crossed).

For those who have further queries, here're the full Regulations for Admission to SPbSU: - enjoy :)

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