April 13, 2013


Unlike many others, our curriculum has several distinct features.

First, it consists of just 8 modules, but inside 6 of them you will find several short courses. They are distributed within the 3 semesters of lecturing and seminars the way that allows to go from generalities to peculiarities in each module. Also, shorter courses allow for inviting professionals outside St.Petersburg, as there's always an issue of inviting the best experts for long periods of time.

Second, optional courses seem to be less a focus of the program if you just look at the curriculum, but they are given more time and effort, which makes them as important as the compulsory schedule. Altogether they take over 30% of the time of active teaching.

Third, the so-called 'interactive' teaching (forms other than lectures) comprises circa 80% of the teaching time.

Fourth, the last semester is fully dedicated to your Master Thesis (which is not always the case) and the Colloquium on Academic Writing which, hopefully, will help you with your thesis.

The module structure of the curriculum is the following:

Module 1. Media and Communications Research

COMPULSORY: Media and Communication Theory

COMPULSORY: Comparing Media Systems

COMPULSORY: Methods of Media Research

Module 2. Introduction to Journalism and Media Production

COMPULSORY: Journalism in Global Context

COMPULSORY: Media Production

OPTIONAL: Audience Studies / Media Management

Module 3. Russian Media Landscape in History and Social Context

COMPULSORY: History of Russian Journalism

COMPULSORY: Russian Media Landscape

COMPULSORY: Russian Media Audiences

COMPULSORY: Russian Communications Landscape

OPTIONAL: Russian Regional Media / Russian Web 2.0 Media

Module 4. Social Landscapes in Russia

COMPULSORY: History of Russia

COMPULSORY: Russian Political&Legal Landscape

COMPULSORY: Russian Business Landscape

COMPULSORY: Russian Cultural History&Landscape

OPTIONAL: New Media and Political Mobilization in Russia and Abroad / Social&Societal Issues in Russia

Module 5. Languages and Intercultural Communication

COMPULSORY: Intercultural Communication

COMPULSORY: Russian/English Language

COMPULSORY: Language in Media

Module 6. Training in Media and Communications

COMPULSORY: Media Convergence: Russian and Foreign Experience

COMPULSORY: Copywriting

COMPULSORY: Narrative Techniques

OPTIONAL: Information Sourcing in Russia / Russian Everyday Life Practices

OPTIONAL: News Writing / Feature Writing

Module 7. Training and Internships

COMPULSORY: Media Research Practice

COMPULSORY: Professional Internship

COMPULSORY: Teaching Practice

COMPULSORY: Colloquium on Academic Writing

Module 8. Master Thesis

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