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February 15, 2017

Practical Information for foreign students

For more information please visit:

Admission of foreign citizens, SPSU web-page

Guidelines for international students, SPSU web-page

Passport, Invitation, Visa

Any foreign student, who applies for a study at the Institute "School of Journalism and Mass Communications" is required to have a visa. A visa is a slip of paper (a sticker) that contains information about you and your stay in Russia such as: your name(s), date of birth, passport number, duration of your stay, and the name of the organization that applied for your visa.

The invitation letters (for visa obtaining) for foreign students are arranged by the Federal Migration Service. According to the legislation, this process takes about 6 weeks.

As soon as the invitation letter is ready, its PDF scan will be send to a student by e-mail and the original will be sent to the International Office of a student’s home school/university.

Once the letter of invitation is received, a student has to apply for a single entry 90 days visa (unfortunately, according to Legislation, it’s not possible to make a multiple visa for the whole term from the very beginning). As soon as the student arrives to Russia, he/she will be registered for the whole term and will be able to apply for a multiple visa valid till the end of study in order to replace single 90 days visa. A process of getting a multiple visa takes approximately 4 – 5 weeks during which you will not be able to leave Russia (please plan your stay in Russia accordingly). In order to get a Multiple-entry Russian visa student have to pay a fee (1600 Rub).

We strongly advise you to contact the Russian Embassy/Consulate where you are going to apply for a Russian visa in order to found out the details of visa application. Please be informed that HIV test results and a health insurance are required.


Students are required to have health insurance. Health insurance may be purchased in Russia for a nominal fee (about 0.50 EURO per day), however it is recommended that students purchase their own private insurance before leaving home country and indeed many Russian Embassies/Consulates require proof of health insurance before they will issue students a visa.

Registration Before Your Arrival

Exchange students have to fill in the on-line Application Form which must be sent to us with all enclosures no later than the 1st of May (for the Fall Semester) or the 1st of November (for the Spring Semester). However, the Application Form can be filled in only after you're nominated by your home university.


Copy of your previous diploma or official transcript of current records

Curriculum Vitae (Resume)

2 Recommendations (from Home Institution professors)

Proof of your proficiency in English (Institutional TOEFL certificates or any other confirmation)

Copy of your passport

Health insurance policy (a copy)

Registration Upon Your Arrival

You and your visa must be registered within 2 working days upon your arrival. Please read carefully migration rules of Russian Federation for foreign students.

To register, you must submit the following documents to the manager of Visa Support Department (School of Journalism and Mass Communication, room 318):

Copies of every page of your passport

Copy of your migration card

While crossing the Russian border, please, do not forget to fill in a migration card and receive a STAMP on it (you should receive it from a passport control policeman at the boarder). According to the Russian legislation, a non-Russian citizen cannot be registered without A STAMPED MIGRATION CARD received at the border.

The International Office you will give you a temporary certificate ("SPRAVKA") that will be valid while your passport is taken for the visa extension procedure. The certificate says that you are a student and your passport has been taken for registration. Mind that the process of issuing of a multiple visa might take up to a month and plan your stay accordingly. Take into account that you can’t leave Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region until you receive your passport with new visa back.

In order to get a Multiple-entry Russian visa you have to submit the following documents to the same person:

Passport + copies of every page of your passport

2 copies of your migration card

Notification of arrival form ("registration" paper) + copy

Copy of confirmation of your state-funded status form called "Направление" (if state-funded)

Copy of your contract with the University (if self-funded)

1 passport-like (3/4) photo

A receipt which confirms that you have paid a fee


How to get to the Dormitory from…

    The “PULKOVO-2” International airport:

By Bus. Bus no.13 leaves for St. Petersburg from the front of the central office building at PULKOVO 2. There are two stops. Buses leaving from the stop “Arrivals” will take passengers to the MOSKOVSKAYA Metro Station (in 30-40 min.). You can also take a shuttle minibus (MARSHRUTNOYE TAXI) marked 'T-39' that goes from Pulkovo 1, via Pulkovo 2, to Moskovskaya Metro Station and then to the city center. After you get to the Moskovskaya Metro Station, go underground and move to the PRIMORSKAYA Metro Station and there, finally, you’ll have to go till KORABLESTROITELEY street. Then turn to the right and after 10 min. you’ll find your dormitory.

By Taxi. A taxi from the airport costs about $25-$40 US, depending on the time of the day and your ability to negotiate. You can save money if you take a bus or shuttle no. 39 or no.13 to Moskovskaya metro, and then take a taxi to the dormitory from there.

    The FINLAND railway station (Finlandsky Vokzal):

The station is located in the center, near the PLOSCHAD’ LENINA metro station, and is easy to access. Never take a taxi from the railway stations as you will most likely be overcharged 2-3 times. It makes more sense to order a taxi beforehand or to walk 5 minutes from the station and wave down a car.

St.Petersburg State University (Universitetskaya Emb., 7)

The Graduate School of Journalism and Mass Communications (1 Linya V.O., 26)

Student's Dormitory (Kapitanskaya, 3)


Student’s residence – “Kapitanskaya” Dormitory (St Petersburg, 199155, Vasilievsky Island, Kapitanskaya Street, 3)

“Kapitanskaya” Dormitory is located at the far end of the Vasilyevskiy Island, on the shore of Finish Gulf. There is a bus station close by. The next metro station Primorskaya is 10-15 minutes walking distance away from the dormitory. The building of the Graduate School of Journalism and Mass Communications (1 Linya V.O., 26) can be reached in 30-40 minutes. The city center, Nevski Prospect, can be reached just as fast as you are in the metro. The distance to the Pulkovo International Airport is 27 km; to Moskovsky Railroad Station - 12 km; to the historic center of the city - 9 km; and to the nearest subway station Primorskaya – 1,5 km.


There are two types of apartments. The first type is a two-bedroom apartment with a separate toilette, a bathroom and a kitchen, which are shared by four people; meaning that two students share one bedroom. The other apartments are with three bedrooms for seven people sharing also a toilet, a bathroom and a kitchen; meaning that one room is shared by three people. The room shared by 2 persons is equipped with two beds, two cupboards, two chairs, two nightstands, a small TV and one table. The bedroom shared by 3 persons is equipped with three beds, three cupboards, three chairs, three nightstands, a small TV and one table as well.

The kitchen is equipped by a fridge and a stove. Crockery, cutlery and pans are not provided.

There are always guards at the entrance of the dorm checking for entrance card therefore living in the apartment is safe.

Also please note that guests need to have an ID to enter the dorm and can stay just till 11p.m.


The price of the dormitory varies depending on the room type. The price for the room shared by 2 persons is 5700 rubles (approx. 145 EURO) per month, by 3 persons – 4600 rubles (approx. 115 EURO) per month. No prepayments are required; you will need just to pay for the dormitory in the first 3 days after your arrival.

To make a payment for the dormitory you will need to visit the Dormitory Accounting Department on Korablestroiteley str.20/2 which is 15 min. walking distance from the Kapitanskaya Dormitory.

Working hours of the Dormitory Accounting Department: 10.00 -17.45 each working day, 13.00-14.00 lunch time.

Facilities and services

Cleaning and laundry
A separate laundry room for the whole building with laundry service is available. Further, there is a cleaning lady coming everyday cleaning the common area of the apartment and providing you with new bed sheets and towels every ten days.

There is no internet in the rooms available, but you can purchase 3G USB Surf Sticks like Beeline, Megafon or YOTA and pay for unlimited internet connection on a monthly basis. The price of a Stick varies from 20 to 70 EURO, as well as monthly payments vary from 5 to 22 EURO depending on reliability and speed of the internet.

Sport facilities
Planeta Fitness (Планета Фитнес).
Location: Korablestroiteley str. 32/2, 5 min. walking proximity to the dorm
Fitness club contains a large fitness area, saunas and a swimming pool. Costs vary depending on the range of the services you’ll choose. The minimum price is 2000 rub (50 EURO) per month. Working hours: Working week: 7.00 - 23.00. Weekend: 9.00 - 22.00
Fitness House
Location: Makarova emb. 2, 10 min walking proximity to GSOM master building (at Volkhovskiy pereulok, 3). Fitness club also contains large fitness area, saunas and swimming pool. 5 months subscription for swimming pool and fitness cost 9900 rub. (250 EURO). Working hours: Working week: 7.00 - 23.00. Weekend: 9.00 - 22.00.

There are plenty of supermarkets around the dorm that are open 24/7 and other essential stores like pharmacy, bank or hair dresser and some recreational places like football pitch, sauna, bars and restaurants. In addition there is a hypermarket “Lenta” (Лента) in 10 minutes by bus distance way from the dormitory where you can find wide variety of grocery products and everyday items. For purchasing necessary crockery, cutlery and pans you can visit IKEA with your neighbors and buddy.

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