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February 27, 2017

General information for foreign students

Study possibilities available for foreigners


Those foreign students, who intend to study in our Institute as a degree students, at first have to study Russian language for one year (preparatory training) to pass Level 1 (TORFL - Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) to enroll in the Bachelor programs and Level 2 to enroll in the Master programs. That happens because Russian language is obligatory language for the Institute courses.


Non-Degree Studies include short- and medium-term programmes such as student exchange, seminars, summer and winter schools, etc.

In the end of a programme participants usually get a certificate and a transcript of records, but not a degree from the host university.

The duration of every programme may vary from several weeks to 1-2 semesters.

Non-Degree Studies for Exchange Students from Partner Universities.

For students from our Partner Universities we offer the following non-degree studies programmes:

    Students Exchange Programme (SEP)

    Internship Exchange Programme (IEP)

These programmes are available only in the framework of bilateral cooperation agreements between Universities and some International Academic Mobility & Students Exchange Programmes.

Both SEP and IEP are managed by Academic Mobility Department.

In order to participate in these programmes students form the Partner Universities should be nominated by Student Exchange Coordinator of the home university.

List of University Partners.

Non-Degree Studies at the School level

The Institute "School of Journalism and Mass Communications" also offers its own non-degree studies programmes, as well as student exchange programmes organized in the framework of cooperation agreements of the Institute, or its faculties.

List of School Partners.

Application procedure

Applicants should complete their application packages (see below) and submit it to their Home International Office or Students Exchange Coordinator. We consider a Students Exchange Programme application only if it is delivered to us by a relevant officer of Applicant's Home University via email as scanned files (pdf is preferable format).

Deadlines for application and submission of supporting documents: April the 1st for autumn semester, November the 1st for spring semester.

Application package

Nomination letter (signed and stamped by Applicant's Home University Exchange Coordinator)

Student Exchange Programme Application Form

Motivation letter

Copy of travelling passport (page with photo; the copy should be full, clear and readable)
Applicant's passport should be valid six (6) months more after the end of planned exchange period. Otherwise Applicant will be unable to get Russian visa.

General health certificate in English or Russian language

This should be a certificate proving that the Applicant is in a well state of health (absence of infectious and pulmonary diseases, no contra-indications for studying abroad), signed and stamped by your local doctor. HIV test is also required. The certificates should be either performed in Applicant's native language and in English or Russian language or officially translated into English or Russian language (including translation of stamps and signatures).

Please, note that lung x-ray results are obligatory for the dormitory. The certificate must be either performed in Applicant's native language AND in Russian language or officially translated into Russian language (including translation of stamps and signatures). In case the certificate isn't prepared by the time of arrival to the dormitory, the student must do the lung x-ray within 3 working days after arrival to SPbU in any hospital in Saint-Petersburg (the test costs about 300-400 rub.).

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