Workshop on multucultural understanding in Berlin. Impressions

May 19, 2017

UntitledFrom 3rd to 7th of May students of the Institute "High School of Journalism and Mass Communications" took part in a seminar on multicaltural understanding and human rights, which was organized by the Academy of Human’s rights, Oslo, Norway

During workshops students of SPSU and Nizhny Novgorod State University were discussing sexual equality, rights of refugees, basic human rights, German and Norwegian politics in these areas. Lectures and group works were held by Marit Langmyr, project manager of Human Rights Academy, Lillian Hjorth, the director of Human Rights Academy, Carola Richter, professor from Free University of Berlin, and Tamara Gromova, lecturer of SPBU. Guests lecture was organized by representatives from the DARE network (Democracy and Human Rights in Europe): Georg Pirker (AdB) and Niels Zimmermann (MitOst). Participants also attended the Free University of Berlin, the Stasi prison, and also visited main sights of Berlin.

Please, take a look at the students' longread about the trip, their impressions and feedbacks:

Anna-Alina Maigurova

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