August 15, 2011

PhD in Cultural Studies (kandidat nauk), Associate Professor (dotsent)

Svetlana graduated from the Department of History of Khabarovsk State Pedagogical University. In 2002 she presented her PhD thesis entitled “Cultural activities of Russian immigrants in China(1917-1945)” in the Department of Theory and History of culture of St. Petersburg State Culture and Arts University. While working on the thesis research, she has won three grants for her postgraduate research: 1999 г. (М99-1. 1К-166), 2000 г. (М-00-1. 1К-160), 2001 г. (М01-1. 1К-161). She started her career in high professional education in 1994. Since that time she held a chair of Quality and Innovation Control, worked as a dean and a professor in the city universities.

She completed "General Management" (specialization "Management in the social sphere") retraining course under the training program for the national economy of the Russian Federation (the President's program) at the Graduate School of Management; at the Faculty of Psychology, the program "Higher school Teacher".

Svetlana held scientific and methodological training in the communications agency «BC Communications" (St. Petersburg, 2011), Universite de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (Paris, France, 2010).

Svetlana was a participant of international and Russian scientific conferences, seminars and trainings.

Main research interests:

Marketing, mass communication management, quality issues of higher professional education, history of Russian emigration, intercultural communication, interaction of cultures.

Member of the Union of Young Scientists, St. Petersburg branch of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, St. Petersburg culture-society, member of the Russian Communication Association.


The list of disciplines:


Integrated communications

Marketing research in advertising and public relations,

Cross-cultural communication,

Intercultural communication in the modern media space

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