LABUSH Nikolay

February 17, 2011

PhD in Political Studies, Full Professor

8 (812) 329-9461

Professor, Doctor of political sciences.

Honored professional of Russian higher education.

Honored professional of Russian Army.

Place of work and position:

Professor, Saint-Petersburg state university, School of journalism and mass communications, Department of international journalism

Scientific status (degree):

Doctor of political sciences. Doctoral thesis - Power mechanism of the state and society (political and sociological analysis): 1999, specialization - political sociology.

Scientific and professional interests:

Socio-political aspects of how the state power mechanism functions;

Extreme forms of political process;

National and information security;

The mediatization of political process.

Educational background:

1985-1987 – Leningrad Naval Academy, Department of social sciences (post-graduate);

1980 - 1983 – Moscow Military Academy (specialization: teaching and sociology);

1968 – 1973 – Kiev Naval Institute (Bachelor degree in naval service).

Working experience:

2002 - present time – Professor (Department of international journalism, Saint-Petersburg state university);

1992- 2002 – the head of Department of humanitarian and socio-economic disciplines (Saint-Petersburg Naval Academy);

1987 – 1992 – lecturer (Department of social science, Saint-Petersburg Naval Academy);

1983 – 1985 – lecturer (Department of Marxism-Leninism, Leningrad Naval Academy);

1974 – 1980 – officer of the Soviet naval forces.


International humanitarian law: journalism and human rights. SPb., 2012. 229 p. (in collaboration);

National security of the Russian Federation: content, concept and strategy. SPb., 2011. 165 p.;

Double standards: theoretical basis and practice of Western journalism. SPb., 2010. 132 p. (in collaboration);

Politics in diagrams and tables: textbook. SPb., 2008. 219 p.;

Legal fundamentals of the journalist’s professional activity. SPb., 2007. 138 p. (in collaboration);

Information technology and terrorism: theory and current practice. SPb., 2007. 156 p. (in collaboration);

International humanitarian law and the journalism. SPb., 2004. 145 p. (co-author);

The state, power mechanism and the military forces. SPb., 1999. 181 p.

Articles in SCOPUS:

Noopolitical aspects of information strategies of States//International Review of Management and Marketing, 2015. — Special Issue for "Media as the Tool: Management of Social Proc esses" — № 5 (Special Issue). — P. 121-125 (co-author);

Noopolitics and information network systems//International Review of Management and Marketing, 2015. — Special Issue for "Media as the Tool: Management of Social Processes" — № 5 (Special Issue). — P. 44-48 (co-author).

Other publications:

Power strategy of the state in political conflicts of XXI century//Conflictology. No. 1, 2012. P. 73 -86;

Information about the conflicts//Conflict studies. No. 2, 2012. P. 110 – 125;

On the theory of information wars in conflict paradigm//Conflictology. No. 4, 2014. P. 105-128;

Information war is a product of the new age and new media technologies. Part I// Mediascope. No. 2, 2015.

Information war is a product of the new age and new media technologies. Part II// Mediascope. No. 2 2015.

Tutoring the PhD thesis:

Bagai A. V. Media and radical extremist organizations in the United States: development trends and political-legal grounds;

Djibilov A. O. The South-Ossetian media-landscape its role in political stability of the region;

Kurysheva J. V. Spain: political and legal aspects of national media integration to information space of EU;

Gareevа V. G. Culture of interethnic communication in the information policy of post-Soviet States;

Tuzova A. F. "Double standards" in assessing practices (socio-political analysis);

U Suczuane. Information security policy of China in XX-XXI centuries;

Velikoselski M. Y. Discourse of the phenomenon of terrorism in American media;

Avdonina N. C. Journalism and politics during the armed conflict: a comparative analysis of American and Russian press.

Lecture courses:

International humanitarian law and media;

Information and international security;

Extreme forms of mediatization of political process;

The political process and political communication

Political and national security


Belorussian (native), Russian (native), English (fluent)

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