June 08, 2022


Institute “School of Journalism and Mass Communications” hosts annual international conferences:

“Mass Media in the Contemporary World. Young Researchers”, March

“Mass Media in the Contemporary World”, April
International forum «Media in modern world. 57th St Petersburg readings» will be held at Saint-Petersburg State University on 19th – 20th of April, 2018.

“Comparative Media Studies in Today’s World”, April
Established in 2013, the conference has so far gathered over 50 experts in comparative and longitudinal media research, including Paolo Mancini, Katrin Voltmer, Larry Gross, Nico Carpentier, Susanne Fengler, Thomas Hanitzsch, Daya Thussu and many others. This year, the conference broadens in both time and scope, overgrowing the narrow ‘expert’ format.
The conference is part of a bigger Scientific Spring at School of Journalism and Mass Communications, St.Petersburg State University, and exists as an integral part of ‘Media in Modern World’ Annual Forum that will be held for the 56th time in 2017.
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