“Come together, talk, get to know each other”

October 11, 2012

UntitledThe School of Journalism and Mass Communications took part in the 3rd International Student Forum in Berlin

The 3rd International Students Forum took place on the 4-5 of October in Berlin. About 170 students and professors from Russia, among them 23 participants from the Saint Petersburg State University, met their German colleagues to discuss the current state and future of the German-Russian relations in different areas. School of Journalism and Mass communications co-organized the working session on intercultural communication, media and PR.

Lyudmila Verbitskaya, the president of SPbSU, in her opening speech for the Forum reminded participants of the long-term relations that German and Russian education has: «Peter the 1st has brought the main university rule from Germany: it is important to teach students to think creatively, they shouldn’t believe in everything they hear, but should try it a posteriori, by experience». In the following program of a Forum, students from all over the Russia did their best to prove – University taught them right.

In the working session co-organized by the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, «Russia from a German viewpoint and Germany from a Russian viewpoint», the young researchers talked about stereotypes and issues of country’s image building. For example, Anna Smolyarova, postgraduate of International Journalistic Department, presented the report about the image of the old and new homeland in the Russian speaking media in Germany. Anastasia Terentyeva, student of 4th grade, shared her working experience at German broadcaster «Deutsche Welle» and presented how German media covers Russian reality. Tatjana Razuvaeva from Perm State Pedagogic University emphasized in her speech: “Personal contacts can break down all stereotypes, so come together, talk and get to know each other!"

The PR-student of 4th grade Liana Dulmukhametova presented the instruments which Russia uses to create its image abroad. By the end of a conference, Anna Litvinenko, co-moderator, emphasized the high level of discussion: «It was interesting to hear the critical viewpoints, but at the same time to see the friendly attitude and mutual interest to each other between Germans and Russians».

The German trip ended for the Russian delegates with a jazz concert and a barbeque party. “As a result the students have not only shared their professional experience, but also had a great time visiting Berlin, and meeting German colleagues”, Liana Dilmukhametova, one of participants, said.

By Anastasia Terentyeva

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