August 09, 2011

PhD in Philology (doktor nauk), Full Professor (professor)

Main Courses are:

Modern problems of science and journalism;

psychology of political communication;

stylistics and literary editing.

Research interests are :

theory of journalism and mass communications, political journalism, stylistics and literary editing.

Svetlana Smetanina takes part in international projects related to the problems of functioning of the Russian language in the media. She has experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language. For several years she worked in one of the universities in China.

Author of more than 70 scientific publications.

Among them:


"Mediatext in the culture system: the dynamic processes in the language and stylistics of the late twentieth century journalism" Saint-Petersburg, 2002.


The system of scientific-informative journalistic texts: voice features and history of the formation // Russian language in the media; Saint-Petersburg, 2011.

Missionary text in the culture system // Novgorodika - 2012. At the origin of the Russian statehood. Novgorod. 2013.

Artistic and aesthetic study of journalism // Theory of journalism in Russia: origin and development. St. Petersburg, 2014 (co-author).

Hypertext stylistics in the traditional media text // Media and Intercultural Communication in the European context. Stavropol. 2014.

Journalistic text: the culture of understanding and editing // Methods and techniques of understanding in journalism and mass communications. St. Petersburg. 2015.

Innovative practices in the teaching of journalism. Krasnoyarsk. 2015. №1.

Professional media criticism in the media education system // Scientific notes of Novgorod State University. 2015, № 1.

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