August 18, 2011

Professor, Doctor of Political Science, Vice Dean for Scientific Research

Chair, Dept of Theory of Journalism & Mass Communications

Ph.D. in History (1979), Doctor of Political Science (1993), Professor (1994).

Prof. Korkonosenko was born in 1950 in the city of Tula. In 1974, he graduated from the Faculty of Journalism, Leningrad State University. His professional experience includes among others work as an electrician, as a director of amateur theater and as a reporter at the newspapers “Vpered” ("Forward") in Pushkin, “Molodezh Altaia” ("Youth of Altai") in Barnaul, “Molodezh Severa” ("Youth of the North") in Syktyvkar.

He did his post-doc at the Faculty of Journalism in 1974-1977 under supervision of Prof.A.Berezhnoy. In 1977 he became a full-time senior lecturer of the Faculty. During his long work at the Faculty he worked as chair of several departments: the Department of Newspaper Production and Design and of Media Management, the Department of Soviet Press and the Department of Sociology of Journalism. He combined his work at the Faculty with giving lectures at other Journalism Faculties in Saint Petersburg and other Russian cities as well as with contributing to media outlets in Russia and abroad.

Main research and educational interests of Prof. Korkonosenko include i.a. general theory of journalism, sociology of journalism, media law, political theory of journalism. He considers himself to be the successor of academic traditions established by the previous generations of the Faculty of Journalism of the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) University. He heads a number of research projects conducted on the international, national and regional level.

His works have been published in major research journals in Russia and abroad. He is the author and the editor of the official textbooks of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education.

He is a member i.a. of the Russian Union of Journalists, of the Association of Media Education of the Russian Federation, of the St. Petersburg Philosophical Society, of the International Academy of Informatization, of the Russian Communication Association. Prof. Korkonosenko has been awarded the honorary title of Honoured Higher Education Employee of the Russian Federation and the medal "In commemoration of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg", as well as honorary diplomas of the Administration of St. Petersburg, of the Government of Leningrad Region, of the Russian Union of Journalists. He is the 2002 winner of St. Petersburg State University Prize "Educational Skills".

List of selected publications:

Prospective plan of the newspaper. Vologda, 1976 (co-author).

Basics of Soviet Journalism. 1-5: A Textbook. Leningrad, 1985.

Topics of Regional Newspapers and Local Radio: A Textbook. Leningrad, 1986.

Social Control and the Press: A Textbook. Leningrad, 1989.

Introduction to Journalism: A Textbook. Chisinau, 1990.

The Press, Control and Self- Regulation. Tula, 1992

Bazele teoriei jurnalisticii. Chisinau, 1993.

Basics of the Theory of Journalism: A Textbook. St. Petersburg, 1995, 2003

Sociology of Journalism. Essays on Methodology and Practice: A Textbook. Moscow, 1998 (co-author and editor).

Law and Ethics in Mass Media: A Textbook. St. Petersburg, 1999 (co-author).

Mass Communication Theory and Practice: A Textbook. St. Petersburg, 1999.

Basics of Creative Activities of a Journalist: A Textbook for Universities, Ministry of Education of Russia. St. Petersburg, 2000 (co-author and editor).

Basics of Journalism: A Textbook for Universities, Ministry of Education of Russia. Moscow, 2001, 2009.

Journalism in the Field of Politics. The Research Approach and Participatory Practice. St. Petersburg, 2004 (co-author and editor).

Teaching Journalism: Professional and Popular Media Education: A Textbook. St. Petersburg, 2004

Sociology of Journalism. A Textbook for University Students, Ministry of Education of Russia. Moscow, 2004 (co-author and editor).

Core Issues of Modernity and Journalism: A Textbook. Togliatti, 2009.

Legal Status of Mass Communication: A Textbook. St. Petersburg, 2009.

Theory of Journalism: Modeling and Applying: A Textbook. Moscow, 2010.

Freedom of Personality in the Mass Communication. St. Petersburg, 2010 (co-author and editor).

Introduction to Journalism: A Textbook. Moscow, 2011.

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