April 15, 2010

Senior lecturer, Ph. D. in Political Science

Courses given:

“Practical training session in communication”,

"PR of the regions and countries",

"Theory of communication",

“Basis of the public relations theory and practice”,

"Public Relations".

Scientific interest:

Public relations, theory of communication, media studies, international communications, image of the regions and countries, modern Information and Communication Technologies in PR, the Internet and politics.


In 2007 Julia Taranova acquired a degree with distinction in the chief subject “Public relations” by the Faculty of Journalism of the State University of St. Petersburg. She did a full-time postgraduate course and in 2010 defended her thesis titled “Creating a regional image in the information-oriented society (with the Leningrad district as the example)”.

Since September, 2011, she has been holding a position of a senior lecturer at the Public Relations in business Department of the Faculty of Applied Communications of the State University of St. Petersburg.

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