August 01, 2011

PhD in Philology (1989), Doctor of Philology (2009), Professor

Chair, Department of TV & Radio Journalism

School of Journalism & Mass Communications, St Petersburg State University (SPSU)

Marina Berezhnaya graduated from the Leningrad State University (Faculty of Journalism) in 1981 and has been working as associate professor at the Radio and TV department by 1985; entered post graduate course and became PhD in Journalism with the thesis “TV Journalist in Interactive TV Program”. Being a postgraduate student she worked at various programs at Leningrad TV Studio, moderated TV talk-show “Political Club”, worked as a reporter and as an anchor in an educating program. In 1991 she completed courses at the Dept of Political Psychology (SPSU).

From 1992 to 1994 Marina Berezhnaya was an editor and the head of the department at Severo-Zapad Publishing House. In 1993 she started as interviewer the live call-in TV program “SOS” at the “Fifth Channel” and later was a hostess of several talk-shows at the 51 TV channel. In 1997-1998 she was a head of information department in the Center for Drug Abuse Prevention. In 1999 with a group of journalists she took part in the U.S.A. tour devoted to professional ethics. After finishing TV career in 2000 she worked on “Radio Russia” as an author of a social program.

In 1999 Marina Berezhnaya returned to the Faculty of Journalism as an associate professor. In 2009 she wrote her post-doc thesis “Social issues in TV journalism: actualization of positive discourse”. Since 2010 she is a Doctor of Philology, professor of Radio and TV Department; since 2012 – Chair of TV & Radio Journalism Department.

Scientific interests: social issues in media, public service journalism on TV, communication on TV. Author of books and articles, member of St Petersburg Union of Journalists, member of International Federation of Journalists, member of the senate of SPSU and senate of the Faculty of Journalism, member of scientific commission of the Faculty of Journalism. Curator of the young scholars; reviewer of scientific journal “Mediascope”.

Research and consulting projects

2020-2021. Theoretical and educational schools of journalism in Russia. Initiative project SPBU.

2020-2022. Aesthetics of Journalism. Initiative project SPBU.

2019 Visiting professor, University of Silesia, Institute of Political Science and Journalism, Faculty of Social Sciences

2019 visiting researcher, Indiana Univesity, USA

2019 visiting researcher, Hampton University, USA

2017. Rethinking Russian Language Programming for 21st-Century Students (US Department of Education).

2013-2015. Media Discourses on Material and Ethnic Gaps. A comparative study in St. Petersburg and Stockholm (Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies).

2014. Preparation for publication of materials of the international scientific and practical seminar "Community journalism: experience and research in Russia and abroad." (US Consulate General in St. Petersburg).

The total number of scientific publications is over 100

List of selected publications:

Berezhnaia M. TV & radio information in exercises and trainings. St Petersburg, 2001.

Berezhnaia M. Social journalism on TV. St Petersburg, 2005.

Berezhnaia M. Teenagers are our future. The results of Sweden-Russian 10-years project devoted to health care of teenagers. St Petersburg, 2007.

Berezhnaia M. Social sphere issues in algorithms of TV journalism. St Petersburg, 2009.

Sidorov, V. A. (Ed.). Journalism. Society. Values. St Petersburg, 2012 (co-author).

Korkonosenko, S. G. (Ed.). Sociology of journalism. A textbook for Universities, Ministry of Education of Russia. Moscow, 2013 (co-author).

Berezhnaia M. Media in the system of anti-drug practices. St Petersburg, 2011 (co-author).

Berezhnaia M. Social project as PR action. Multimedia journalism of Eurasia 2010: national information markets and regional Internet in global changes epoch. Kazan, 2011.

Berezhnaia M. TV and health: In the aspect of personal responsibility. Journalism for the national health. Media communication and human development. Moscow, 2012.

Berezhnaia M. Juvenile justice as TV and social concept. Mediascope, 2012, 3 (co-author).

Berezhnaia . TV COVERAGE OF THE HOME VIOLENCE CASES REVEALS VALUES’ COMPETITION // Media and Mass Communication. Bulgaria, 2012 P. 210-217

Modern Russan Mediapolis // Russian Journal of Communication. Vol.5, No.3. December 2013.

Berezhnaia M. Advocacy as an ambivalent professional practice/ Why should I trust you? Challenges for communication in times of crises/ Regional conference ICA/ACOP/AE-IC/UMA . Malaga 18-19 July 2013. Programme and abstracts.p.57-58.

Berezhnaya M. TV AESTHETICS AS THE MESSAGE// IOURNAL OF International scientific publications: Media and Mass Communication, Volume 2, Bulgaria, Info Invest, P.204-212.

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Berezhnaia, M.A. (2019). Aesthetic Criteria in Journalism in the Aspect of Professional Education. Media Education (Mediaobrazovanie), 2019, 59 (2), 207-215. 10.13187 / me.2019.2.207

Berezhnaia, M. A. Aesthetics of the heroic in a fundraising television project // CHELYABINSK HUMANITARIUM 3.2020.3, p.62-68.

Berezhnaia, M..Visual discourses of social policy in TV practice. / VESTNIK VGIK, Volume 12, No. 2 (44), 2020, pp. 132-141.

Berezhnaia, M. Social journalism as a thematic area in the training of journalists //

Essays on the St. Petersburg School of Journalism. SPb: Aleteya 2020.S. 236-250

Berezhnaia M.A. The aesthetics of audiovisual journalism. ( ed.). Moscow: KnoRus, 2021. 234p.

Berezhnaia M. A., Korkonosenko S. G. Schools of journalism in Russia: experience of professional expertise //Questions of theory and practice of journalism. 2021.Vol. 10, No. 3, pp. 404–421.

International activities

Media nets of communities for the national and cultural identity. At the international conference “Transforming Culture, Politics & Communication: New media, new territories, new discourses” (IAMCR 2017) in Cartagena (Colombia)

Journalism: professional ideology for the elusive profession (views from Russia). At the conference. “Democracy and media in the new democracy model. Invited lecture, presentation at the plenary session. The result of the third wave of democratization ”25-27 April 2017 in Wroclaw.

Content gaps in traditional media as a focus of attention for new professionals. "Digital Media Challenge. 8th Central and Eastern European Media and Communication Conference", CEECOM 2015, Zagreb, 12-14 June 2015.

Amateur video content on TV: aesthetic vs profession. "Journalism in Transition: Crises or Opportunity". Journalism Studies Section ECREA Conference. Thessaloniki 28-29 March 2014.

Changing Media and Democracy: 25 Years of Media Freedom and Public Sphere in Central and East Europe. 7 th International CEECOM conference June12-14 2014, Wroclaw, Poland.

Why should I trust you? Challenges for communication in times of crises / Regional conference ICA / ACOP / AE-IC / UMA. Malaga 18-19 July 2013.

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