February 18, 2011

PhD, senior lecturer

yulya.danilova@gmail.com, j.v.danilova@spbu.ru

Scientific degree:

PhD in political sciences. PhD thesis – The policy of democratic multiculturalism in French media (2011, Saint-Petersburg state university).

Scientific and professional interests:

Media system of France;

Multiculturalism and media in Europe;

Multicultural societies and ethnic communication;

Modern French journalism.


2008 – 2011 – PhD (Saint-Petersburg state university, Faculty of journalism, Department of international journalism);

2003 – 2008 – Bachelor degree in journalism (Saint-Petersburg state university, Faculty of journalism).

Working experience:

2012 – present time – senior lecturer (Saint-Petersburg state university, School of journalism and mass communications, Department of international journalism);

2012 – present time – international coordinator (Saint-Petersburg state university, School of journalism and mass communications).

Publications in SCOPUS:

Problems of Ethno-Social Representation in Media: Review of Theoretical Approach in XX-XXI Century//International Review of Management and Marketing. 2015. 5 (Special Issue). P. 148-153 (with R. Bekurov, A. Puiy, S. Nikonov, A. Litvinenko);

Media Systems of South-Eastern Europe in the Condition of Democratic Transition: The Exam-ple of Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia//International Review of Management and Mar-keting. 2015. 5 (Special Issue). P. 105-114 (with E. Georgieva, A. Bykov, A. Smoliarova, N. La-bush);

Codes of Journalism Ethics in Russia and the United States: Traditions and the Current Practice of Application//International Review of Management and Marketing. 2015. 5 (Special Issue). P. 55-61 (with A. Bykov, E. Georgieva, A. Baychik);

Global Journalism: Main Aspects of Conceptualization//International Review of Management and Marketing. 2015. 5 (Special Issue). P. 67-72 (with Y. Kurysheva, A. Puiy, A. Litvinenko, A. Bykov).

Other publications:

The formation of multiculturalism in communication: theoretical apsects//Vestnik of Saint- Petersburg university. Saint-Petersburg, 2011. Vol. 9. Issue 3. P. 268-278;

Democratic multiculturalism: the main approaches in French and Canadian press//Vestnik of Pyatigorsk university. Pyatigorsk, 2011. Vol. 2. P. 123-138;

The market of French press: characteristics and trends//Media in the modern world (collected papers). St. Petersburg, 2011. P. 89-96.

International internship:

2015 – University of Bordeaux (Bordeaux, France);

2012 – National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS, Paris, France);

2011 – National Audiovisual Institute (INA, Paris, France);

2011 – The International Human Rights Institute for Peace (2IDHP, Caen, France).


History of foreign journalism;

Modern international journalism;

Theory and practice of international journalism;

Modern French journalism;

The fundamentals of journalism.


Russian (native), French (fluent), English (basic).

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