February 27, 2011

PhD in Philosophy (kandidat nauk), Professor

He was born April 18, 1970 in Leningrad.

Qualifications: Andrei Y. Dorskii holds Master's degree in Social sciences (Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia) and PhD in Philosophical sciences. Also have studied in University of Grenoble (France, 1993), International Centre for Teacher Training (Sevres, France , 1994), Folk University (Uppsala, Sweden, 2006), University of Potsdam (Germany, 2008) etc.

Publications: "The law of PR” (St. Petersburg, 2005) (In Russian), "Ethics and the law of public communication: regulation of branding" (St. Petersburg, 2008) (In Russian), "Aesthetics of Power: The philosophical-cultural digression" (St. Petersburg, 2011) (In Russian) etc.

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