Dr. Irene Quaile-Kersken, “If economy doesn’t include ecology and its protection, the costs will be much higher in a while”

April 23, 2015

UntitledThe pubic lecture of the German environmental journalist Dr. Irene Quaile-Kersken “Global problems: the view of Deutsche Welle” took place on 21st April at St. Petersburg State University. The lecture was part of the German week in St. Petersburg and was organized in collaboration with Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

Dr. Irene Quaile-Kersken gave a talk and shared her experience on covering ecological problems. Being the Head of Feature and Magazine Programming and Senior Editor and Host of Living Planet and Deutsche Welle, Irene told about environmental problems and theirs perception in numerous countries she has been to.

- Do you feel Russian students are really interested and ready to discuss ecological issues?

- During the talks that I’ve been giving here I met young Russian students who seem to be really interested in ecology. And my hope would be that the next generation here in Russia like in the other countries would be the generation that is really concerned about environment and climate. I hope they will realize that the time is running out. We only have one Earth and we all have to work together to think how we can use it sustainably. So I would like to think that now young people are real into that topic.

- Haven’t you noticed that here in Russia a lot of people are rather skeptical about ecological lifestyle?

- Of course, you always have to have critical mind about everything and even ecological problems. But I think, there are enough environmental issues around us for everybody to notice. Despite lots of people skeptical eye on it, we really have to change our lifestyle and consumption patterns. Also our economy should include ecology and its protection, because otherwise the costs will be much higher in a while.

- In that case is there any ecological project you would like to realize in Russia for the reason to draw attention to environmental issues?

- I’m afraid, at the moment I’m not involved in any project like that. But I think, such cooperation with students or my colleagues here in Russia is always a good thing. In Deutsche Welle we also have Russian language department with a lot of journalists who are really interested in having a dialog and cooperating.

- As far as I know, sometimes you work together with Russian environmental journalists. Have you noticed any differences in perception and approach to environmental problems coverage in Russia and in Germany?

- According to my experience, ecologists all around the world have more common, than different. We are all to solve the same issues. I’ve been working with numerous specialists from so many countries. And the thing that I identified is that no matter from what country people concerned about environment come from they usually very committed. And that is great. I think, that is the way the future has to go.

Text: Viktoria Drey

Photo: Valeria Lazareva

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