International Neva Award in Journalism and Mass Communication Research

December 27, 2013

UntitledSt Petersburg State University awards annually the Neva Award in journalism and mass communication research. In 2014 the award will be awarded at the opening ceremony of the 53rd International conference “Mass media in the modern world - Petersburg readings”, on 24th April 2014. Organizer of the competition for the award is the School of journalism and mass communications (SJMC). The competition is held in order to stimulate scientific research in journalism and mass communications; raise the level of scientific and methodological and popular science publications on mass media issues; as well as to reward specialists for outstanding achievements in journalistic science and education.

The award is given for the following nominations:

“Theory” – for scientific and theoretical publications

“Education” – for scientific and methodological and popular science publications

“Recognition” – for achievements in journalistic science and education

The award for the nominations “Theory” and “Education” is given to the authors, or writing staff of not more than 4 people, for published works that are a major contribution to research, scientific, and methodological and popularizing work. Monographic publications (including course books, work books and scientific and methodological manuals) as well as a series of articles published in Russian and English (or any other language, in concurrence with the competition committee) are admitted for examination. The award for the nomination “Recognition” is given after taking into consideration the whole amount of the participant’s works. The place of work and residence of the author, their official status, and the scope and form of publication are not included as conditions of the competition.

The competition does not consider:

- Theses and abstracts;

- Works that have already been considered for the Neva Award;

- Works published later than one year before the competition announcement. (In 2014 works works published until mid-January can participate in the competition).

Applications can be sent via post (Adress: 199004, St. Petersburg, 1 Linia VO 26, Room 614) or via e-mail

The announcement of the award winners will be made during the opening ceremony of the International conference “Mass media in today’s world: Petersburg readings” on 24th April 2014.

The works and authors contending for the award can be nominated by: educational institutions, academic institutions, chairs, and departments. The works can be nominated by one person or a group of people; self-nomination is also allowed. The Academic Board of the SPbSU faculty of journalism also has the right to nominate.

The application to participate in the competition must include the following documents:

1) Published works, competing for the award (preferably 2 copies - for online publication: 2 printed lists and the active network address) – nominations “Theory” and “Education”; the list of the main publications in the appropriate field – nomination “Recognition”;

2) The author’s annotation of the competition publications (1 to 1,5 pages) – nominations “Theory” and “Education”;

3) The author’s certificate, notarized at the place of employment. It must contain: the full name (surname, first name, patronymic name) of the author, place of employment, science degree and academic title, position, passport data (series, number, when and by whom it was issued, birth date, home address with postcode), personal tax reference number, number of insurance certificate, contact telephone numbers, and e-mail address;

4) A covering note from the nominator with the reasons for the decision to participate (extract from the protocol of the chair meeting, review etc.) – not more than 2 pages.

Expert review of the competition works

Works are accepted from the date of the announcement of the competition until one month before the date of presenting the awards (for postal items – according to the date of postmark). In 2014 the applications sent from mid-January to early April will be considered.

Expert proceedings of the competition works consists of two stages:

- Primary selection of the applicants on the basis of complying with the competition conditions (during the period of submitting applications);

- Review of the works that passed the primary selection (during the month before the date of presenting the awards);

Receiving, selection and reviewing the competition works is carried out by the Academic Board of the SPbSU faculty of journalism; the board can invite additional experts if necessary.

Decision to give a award is made by the Academic Board of SPbSU faculty of journalism according to the rating list of works.

Awarding the winners

For each nomination the Academic Board will make a decision on one winner and two diploma winners.

The winner of Neva Award is awarded a financial award, a commemorative token and the winner’s diploma; diploma winners receive a commemorative token and a diploma.

Additional forms of award are possible by decision of SPbSU subdivisions or any other outside organizations.

Announcement of the winners’ names coincides with the annual science conference “Mass media in the modern world - Petersburg readings”. The ceremony for awarding the Neva Award is included in the conference programme. The official website of the SJMC provides information on the competition winners.

The portrait gallery of Neva Award winners is created and regularly updated on the website of SPbSU SJMC.

More information on the Award can be found in Russian:

Winners of the Neva Award of the Saint Petersburg State University

for achievements in the field of journalism and mass communications


Nomination "Recognition" - Gennady Zhirkov , professor, St. Petersburg State University

Nomination "Theory" - Vladimir Tulupov , professor , Voronezh State University

Nomination "Enlightenment" - Valentina Mansurov , professor, Altai State University


Nomination "Recognition" - Vladilen Kuzin , professor, St. Petersburg State University

Nomination "Theory" - Larisa Fedotov , professor, Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov

Nomination "Education" - Louise G. Svitich , honored scientist of Moscow State University


Nomination "Recognition" - Ivan Sechik , State Secretary of Ministry of Culture of Slovakia

Nomination "Theory" - Alexander Akopov , professor, Southern Federal University

Nomination "Education" - Maria Anikin , Viktor Hrulev , assistant professors, Moscow State University

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