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May 13, 2015

Department of PR in Business

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The Department of Public Relations in Business at St Petersburg State University is one of the first research and education departments of this type in higher education in Russia. It was founded in 1996 as the Department of public relations and advertising, and changed its name in 2008. The Department is one of the leading Russian scientific centers, where the problems of public communication in business, international relations and in social-cultural sphere are being actively explored, researched and developed.

The Department offers educational programs for public relations specialists, with bachelors in ‘Advertising and public relations’, and masters in ‘Public relations’ in the journalism program.

In 2012 the Department developed a masters program for the course ‘Advertising and public relations’, with the profile ‘Strategic communication in public relations’.

The Department’s graduates work in: the biggest international and Russian communication and PR-agencies including SPN Ogilvy, Нikkolo М, and Michailov and partners; regional administrations; PR- divisions in the largest Russian, foreign and culture institutions such as Rosatom, RAO «UES of Russia», Ford motor company, and the Mariinsky и Michail’s theatres; and in editors’ offices. Some graduates continue their education at universities in Western Europe and the USA.

Since 2010 the Head of the Department has been Dimitri Gavra – the author of modern sociological theory of public opinion; the implementer of the sphero-substantional conception of state-territorial image making; winner of the Russian Federation Government Prize in the Field of Journalism; winner of the International PR competition “Image directory” – the best PR project of the year; winner of the International PR competition “Golden Sobol”.

The basic research projects that have been developed at the department include:

    « PR- technologies in the modern information-communication sphere»;

    «PR 2.0»;

    «State and region image building»;

    «Territory marketing»;

    «Modern technologies of internal PR and management of corporate culture».

Scientific projects, in which members of the Department take part, regularly receive prizes at professional competitions in the PR-sphere: «Silver archer», «White wing», and «PROBA IPRA Golden World Awards». The project «External state image in the global information field» became a winner of the international competition «Image directory» (2009).

12 postgraduate and 6 doctoral thesis works have been prepared and defended at the Department: 1999 М. Shishkina - doctoral dissertation in sociological science «Public relations in the system of social management»; 2002 A. Krivonosov – doctoral dissertation in philological science «PR-text as a tool in public communication»; 2005 V. Stepanov – doctoral dissertation in philological science «Edgy discourse in mass media»; 2008 А. Rusakov - doctoral dissertation in philosophy science «Information communications and social relations»; 2008 K. Kiuru – doctoral dissertation in political science; 2009 E. Karmalova – doctoral dissertation in philology science «Mythopoetic and genre codes in telecommunications: advertising and entertaining TV-journalism».

From the founding of the Department intensive scientific-methods work has been carried out. This includes dozens of academic manuals and course books, including materials with labels of Education Ministry of Russian Federation and Methodical Committee of Universities of Russia on classical university education and education in international relations.

These include: «Advertising and Public Relations: theory and methodology in professional art» (Part 1-1998, part 2 - 1999); «Public Relations: introduction to the profession» (2001); «Genres of PR-texts» (2001); «Theory and practice in public relations. Case study» (2002); «Basis of speech writing» (2003); «Advertising and public relations» (2004); «PR-campaign: methodology and technology»(2004); «Modern Press- Service» (2005); «Juridical support of PR» (2005); «Ethic and juridical control in public relations and advertising» (Part 1 - 2006, part 2 - 2008); «Sociology of mass communication» (2006); «Situational analysis in Public Relations» (2009); «Basis of public relations» (2010), «internet-technologies in public relations» (2010); «The organization of PR- division activity» (2010); «Basis of communication theory»(2011); and «Territory image making» (2011).

The Department was among the initiators and participants of «Baltic PR-weekend» - an international professional public relations forum, which has been taking place since 2001.

The «Petersburg PR week» organized by the Department has become a tradition. Teams of professionals, professors and students from all over Russia take part in this event. Scientific workshops, professor’s seminars and student contests, including a competition of student projects «Mass media perspective» are held there.

The Department actively takes part in the organization and holding of scientific and practical education seminars in St Petersburg and other cities in Russia. These include workshops for tax workers, press-secretaries of the Russian Central Bank, for communication professors, and editors of municipal papers.

There is an interesting student life. Students and graduate students, specializing in the public relations sphere, are chiefs of Russian Association of public relations students (РАССО), members of СНО, active participants in faculty KVN- team, members of football teams, and winners of faculty games «What, Where, When». They are also permanent participants and winners of scientific conferences and contests. There were six victories in professional competitions such as «Crystal orange» and «PRobe» from 2008 till 2012.

GAVRA Dmitry

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