February 15, 2011

PhD in Political Sciences, Associate Professor

Research Areas

Public dialogue;

Ethnic Media;

Media of Russian-speaking diaspora;

Global journalism;

Israeli media

Teaching responsibilities

Introduction in foreign journalism;

Modern International Journalism;

Theory and Practice of International Journalism;

Media and Diaspora (n English for Double degree Master program “Global Communication and International Journalism” with Free University of Berlin)

Selected publications (in English)

1. Smoliarova A.S. Diasporic journalism culture: professional values and conventions of Russian-language journalists in four countries // Abstracts accepted for presentation an IAMCR 2015 in Montreal, Canada, 2015.

2. Litvinenko A.A., Smoliarova A.S., Bekurov R.V., Puiy A.S., Glinternik E.M. Mapping International Journalism in Post-Soviet Russia: Global Trends vs. National Context // International Review of Management and Marketing, 2015. — Vol. 5, — № 1S. — P. 49 - 54.

3. Nikonov S.B., Baichik A.V., Zaprudina R.V., Labush N.S., Smolyarova A.S. Noopolitics and Information Network Systems // International Review of Management and Marketing, 2015. — Vol. Special Issue for "Media as the Tool: Management of Social Processes", — № 5(Special Issue). — P. 44-48.

4. Georgieva E.S., Danilova Y.S., Bykov A.Y., Smoliarova A.S., Labush N.S. Media Systems of South-Eastern Europe in the Condition of Democratic Transition: The Example of Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia // International Review of Management and Marketing, 2015. — Vol. 5, — № 1S. — P. 105-114.

5. Smoliarova A.S., Nigmatullina K.R. Management Decisions of Russian-language Newspapers in Germany in the Time of Structural Media Crisis // Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 2015. — Vol. Vol. 6, No. 6, Supplement 2, — P. 68 - 74.

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