February 14, 2011

Senior Lecturer (starshy prepodavatel), Department of International Journalism.

Was born on June, 13th, 1976 in Leningrad. The hereditary journalist. To be published the beginnings from 14 years. After school has arrived on the Faculty of Journalism of the St.Petersburg State University which has ended in 1999.

With 1996 for 1998 – the regular employee of a weekly journal "AiF-Peterburg".

In 1999 ambassador of change of the first structure of edition has passed to work as the literary editor in a building weekly journal.

During the same time actively cooperated with a number of the Moscow editions («the Independent newspaper», «the World of news», «the Businessman of Russia»).

In October, 2006 has been invited to a post of the assistant to the editor of department of the information of the daily newspaper «Neva time».

Since June, 2007 – the special correspondent of department of social problems – a sharp social problematics, resonant publications, journalistic investigations.

Since December, 2007 has accepted the management offer to head department of city news - the biggest department of Service of the information where successfully worked till May, 2010.

Since May 2010 - the senior teacher on chair of the international journalism of the Faculty of Journalism of the St.Petersburg State University.

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