Social Media in Sociopolitical Processes
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Ruslan Viktorovich Bekurov, Yulia Vladimirovna Kurysheva, Anna Vitalievna Baichik, Nikolai Sergeevich Labush, Sergey Borisovich Nikonov


The article focuses on the role of social media in sociopolitical processes; in particular, the use of such resources in mobilization technologies and their impact on the protest campaigns are reviewed. Social media change the shape and channels of devilering political information to citizens, they have their own alternative mechanisms of forming information on the agenda, and, as a platform of civil journalism, by definition take an active part in the mediatization of sociopolitical processes both at the national level and in solving global problems. In the meantime, such participation has both positive and negative connotations. The author analyzes political, cultural, sociological sources and information network resources that allow to identify the nature and essence of web 2.0. journalism.

Keywords: Social Media, Social Networks, New Media, Web 2.0. Journalism, Facebook, Twitter, Internet, Information Technology

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