Noopolitical Aspect of International Journalism
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Sergey Borisovich Nikonov


A modern world dismissed a thesis that the Cold War is over. International journalists work for the benefit of their states, entering into confrontation with each other every day, using the new technologies of communication media. Practically, the mass media has become the mean of manipulation. It is possible to change any political system of another state using the mass media. For this the information strategies are developed. The article provides a definition of noopolitics, as a strategy of international processes manipulation by means of mass media, used for åðó formation in general public positive or negative relation to external or internal policy of the state or the block of states in order to create a positive or negative image of ideas and promulgated moral values. With the development of global information space, the political systems are

developed new countries, such as Kosovo, South Ossetia, West Sahara, South Sudan, are being formed. What was considered logically organized and complete in the world policy, it is destroyed now. A new understanding of geopolitics, as the influence of world policy on international relations, emerges in the modern world taking into consideration the role and place of mass media and journalism.

Keywords: Mass media, Communication media, Noopolitics, Geopolitics International journalism

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