Information Society in its Function as an Object of Directed Influence of Noopolitics
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Sergey Borisovich Nikonov


The article considers the environment, in which political forces develop their information strategy using mass media. The article also provides a definition of the noopolitics as an information strategy of manipulation of international processes by means of forming positive or negative attitude of the society to the external and internal policy of a state or a block of states with the purpose of creating a positive or negative image of ideas and advocated moral values. With the development of the global information space and new technology, the battlefield shifted to the created platform of the virtual world, in which it is almost impossible to separate enemies from friends. Currently, approbation of political actions initially takes place in the virtual world and in mass media and then, depending on the success, the results of these actions are applied or not applied in the real world and real policy.

Keywords: Mass media, Noopolitics, Information strategy

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