Professor Lydmila Gromova
Professor Lydmila Gromova

Dean of the Faculty of Journalism, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Saint Petersburg State University

Professor Gromova was born in 1952 in Dubynino in the Irkutsk region. After graduating with honors from Bratsk high school in 1969, she entered the School of Journalism at Leningrad State University. In 1974 she was sent as a department head to the newspaper Rodina ("Homeland") in Chudovo, Novgorod region.

In 1977, she returned to the School and worked as a support staff member at the Department of Russian and Foreign Press History, and became a full-time postgraduate student in 1979. She prepared her thesis with Valentina G. Berezina as her supervisor, and passed her PhD defense in 1983. She became a lecturer in 1982 at the Journalism History Department and an associate professor in 1987. In 1997 she defended her habilitation "A. Herzen and Russian Journalism of His Time" and became Doctor of Letters; and in 1999 she became a professor at the Journalism History Department.

She has been Vice-Rector for Education at St. Petersburg State University since 2002. She is a member of a dissertation committee and Expert Committee on Philology and Art History at the Higher Attestation Commission, Russia.

Her research interests focus on the history of Russian journalism during the 18th -19th centuries: works of outstanding opinion journalists and editors (Herzen, Krayevsky, Nekrasov), and the Russian émigré press and censorship of the 19th century. She has more than 100 scientific publications, including a treatise "A. Herzen and Russian Journalism of His Time" (1994); "Krayevsky: Editor and Publisher ", 2001; "History of Russian Journalism 18th-19th century", a textbook approved by the Ministry of Education of Russia, co-author, 2003; 2nd edition: — 2005).

She has worked hard in the field of research and education, and at the same time she has been thoroughly engaged in community service. She has been the chair of the Department's Methodology Committee, and the deputy chair of the University's Methodology Committee. She is a member of the School and University Academic Boards, a member of the Interdepartmental Expert Committee on The State Educational Standard of Higher Professional Education of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, a member of the Union of Journalists and other professional organizations.

She was awarded the Medal of the Order of Merit for the Motherland of the Second Degree in 2000, and the medal "In commemoration of the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg" in 2003. She was also awarded the title of "Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation" in 2004.