Professor Anatoly Puyu
Professor Anatoly Puyu

Director, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Saint Petersburg State University

Professor, Doctor of Social Sciences, Chair, Dept of International Journalism

Professor Puyu was born in 1959 in Moldova. He studied French and Spanish at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, State University of Moldova, and Philosophy at Leningrad State University. He made his PhD in social sciences in 1989 under supervision of Prof. O. Solovyov, and defended his post-doc thesis "Political Pluralism: the French Experience" in 1995. At the age of 37, he was accepted as a member of the Russian Academy of Political Science. From 1989 to 1997, he worked at the University as a senior lecturer and then an associate professor at the Department of Political Institutions and Applied Political Research. Since 1997, he has been working as chair of the Department of International Journalism of the Faculty of Journalism, Saint Petersburg State University. In 1998, with the help of his colleagues he founded the BA in International Journalism at the Faculty of Journalism that became a groundbreaking program in the process of implementing the Bologna Process at the Faculty. This program aims at teaching multimedia journalism and educating “universal journalists” capable of operating in the globalized media market. In 2010, he was elected Dean of the Faculty of Journalism and in 2012, after reorganization of the Faculty, he became Director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

Prof. Anatoly S. Puyu is the author of a number of books on media pluralism in the Western Europe and on information law, as well as of a range of scientific papers on various problems of international journalism. He is also editor and co-editor of volumes on global journalism in the 21st century, and on media and politics in Western democracies.